Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Selvedge Madness!

Saturday was the monthly "Craft And Chat" at church, I hadn't been since last winter I think so I packed up some stuff to work on and headed down to the church. There were only a few of us this time but we had a nice visit and I finished the last three of my SITP blocks for the week.

I took along some mindless sewing, my bag of selvedges, scrap batting and Insulbrite, a heat reflective batting that protects hands from hot pots and pans. It's available at Joann's [use a coupon!] Hobby Lobby and other fabric stores.
I now have another seven of these cute pot-holders, even the binding is selvedge. My favorite is the red,white and black, the rest are very much an eclectic mix of color and designs.
I used the "stitch and flip" method utilizing scrap batting for the foundation on either side then enclosing a square of Insulbrite in the middle. At the end of the binding I make a loop and fold it back on itself and secure it to the edge with a couple of rows of stitches. As I said, mindless sewing, they go together very fast and you can chat and not pay attention to what you are doing!
This method works well for any leftover strips of fabric too narrow for other uses, as small as one inch-less than that is not worth sewing. Try a couple they are addictive, they make charming hostess gifts especially around the holidays along with a plate of cookies anyone can use another pot-holder!


Fiesta said...

Roslyn, they look great!

Ruby said...

Love them, we need a little mindless sewing every once in a while! And what a great reward.

Gramma 2 Many said...

Hmmm and I always thought those pieces were throw aways. You amaze me!!

farmlady said...

What a wonderful way to use up little pieces of fabric. They are wonderful and useful...., and pretty.

Kim said...

How fun!
Where can I find this reflective material you've told us about?
What size did you make these Ros?

Happy Sewing

Anonymous said...

I love your selvage pot holders. Cute!


Miri said...

These are adorable! and absolutely the only pattern for selvages I have the urge to try!

I usually just toss mine when I trim off the selvages because I'm too frugal of my fabrics to cut more than the barest minimum off but these cute potholders have inspired me to save some selvages! and I like the flip and sew on the batting idea! Thanks!

Khris said...

I love, love , love the potholders Roslyn. I have been collecting selveges too and will put them together "one day" Khris