Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vintage Thingies Thursday

This week I thought I'd show off my vintage piano. It's an old Kohler & Campbell Studio piano. It is solid mahogany, weighs tons & even with its wheels still takes 14 strong men to get it anywhere, LOL! I'm not sure of its age as I haven't done any investigation but I suspect the '40's. It came out of the Enlisted Officer's Club at Ft.Hood TX. in the 70's and although I don't have a photo of it's original condition it cost me $125 so just use your imagination!
The part below the keyboard was completely absent & had to be replaced, there were cigarette burns all along the ledge above the keys & even some burn marks on the ivories but you can see they are all in good shape now. I paid big bucks for restoration at the time & with all the subsequent moves it has had a few dings since then but overall it's in nice condition.
I no longer play [really, once in a great while I will play around a bit] I am too out of practice & my hands suffer with arthritis.

Above the piano hangs this watercolor Grand Piano quilt, not vintage I made it in the 90's!

Here is my Mum's old Hymn Book, she played organ & piano for church most of her life, see her initials, E.J.B. This is probably 40's or 50's vintage I would guess
The music bench was purchased after I acquired the piano & came with some old sheet music that brings back memories, some of it is real old timey! Anyone remember "Dance with a dolly with a hole in her stocking while her knees keep a-knocking & her toes keep a-rocking..........."? My Mum used to sing that one & many others my children would really laugh at that I think were 30's & 40's tunes!

I can't tell the age of this music but the prices on these books range from $1.50 up to $2.95 for "Jesus Christ Superstar"!

This piece suggests " excellent for three boys to play in recital," hmmmm yes I can see that now!

This selection is even older because they begin at 55c - 65c & the one on top I brought from Australia, it cost 5 shillings. I only know it was printed earlier than 14th. Feb.1966 when Australia made the move to decimal currency!

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ClassyChassy said...

How nice to have a beautiful piano - and even if you just mess around doing the scales with one or both hands, the movement is said to be good for arthritis sufferers, to keep the joints mobile. Happy VTT to you!

Coloradolady said...

What a beautiful piant...but that quilt...oh, my that is just beautiful. Sigh...I wanted to learn to quilt this is already April and I have not done a thing towards that goal...I have got to get busy.

You have some wonderful things on display today...wonderful post. Have a great weekend.

SueLovesCherries said...

OMG! Dance with a dolly! I'd forgotten about that one! My mom's faves were "Mareseatoats" and "I'm a Little Petunia in an Onion Patch"!

Miri said...

Great piano and I love the watercolor piano quilt! Just beautiful!

What a wonderful collection of sheet music you have...I used to sing these really old songs to my kids when they were little (and couldn't escape!)

marian said...

what a gorgeous piece of furniture that piano is..shame you don't play it all that often

Susan said...

A beautiful piece is your piano. My parents had an old heavy oaken grand that I learnt on but didn't keep up with it so I can't say I play at all well. The watercolor quilt is gorgeous.

Donna said...

I no nothing about piano's but that one is a beauty!
blessings to all

salmagundi said...

I love your collection of sheet music - it really tells a story of time gone by. Your piano is beautiful. I know just how heavy it must be. We have a 1927 Steinway that weighs a ton. Sally

CC said...

I love all your beautiful things...but that quilt..that gorgeous quilt. It doesn't get more beautiful than that. Happy VTT and have a most lovely weekend.

foxxy said...

Your piano is beautiful. And your music collection is wonderful.

Bea said...

Beautiful piano! I love your quilt hanging over it. Fabulous!

Jewelgirl said...

The piano looks well taken care of, such a
pretty wood color stain on it. Old sheet music
is quite fun, some of those old song titles
are just plain silly. Happy VTT!

Janet said...

I love the piano! And no I don't remember the old song,but it sounds fun, tho.

Picket said...

Beautiful piano my friend....and the quilt above it is gorgeous but oh your mama's hymn book....what a treasure and the memories it must hold for you...Thanks for coming by and I hope you are having a great week!

Ruby said...

Loved the post from piano,to quilt, to sheet music and hymn book. You've covered several decades there! :) Ruby

Neabear said...

Enjoyed your post! The quilt over the piano is lovely. Piano looks great. On my craft blog I a did a post about recovering my piano bench. It includes a picture of the piano which is from the 40's. My grandparents got it when my aunt was learning the piano at age 5. So that had to be around 1945-1946. My parents got it when I was starting to learn the piano. Now it is my piano. I still play fairly often. As a matter of fact I need to get busy practicing again since I am the subsititute organist at my church on the 26th. Thanks for visiting my post today!!

Barb said...

thanks for ocming by.
It was the cradle i would have painted, not the buggy!! I would not even dream of changing it. =0)

The little cradle sold today and now has anew home.

Barbara Jean

Barb said...

Did you see you were a 2nd pirze winner on my giveaway ocntest??
I iwll post some things for the winners to chosose rom on SAturday.
Send me your land address, and after everyone makes their choices, I will send out the packages.

Barbara Jean

Barb said...

OOPS! Hate it when i forget to check the spelling. =0/ can i have do-overs?? =0)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love your piano and I'm quite angry at the audacity of someone to lie cigarettes upon a musical instrument.
The sheet music is gorgeous. My son would be having a kaniption over that Jesus Christ Superstar music. Aren't they beautiful?

RetroRuth said...

Love the piano - what a fabulous restoration!

Patty said...

Did everyone rest their lit cigarettes on the ledge while they played a tune on the piano? Someone at the club should have outlawed that. I'm glad you rescued the piano.

mereth said...

Chad Morgan?!!! I hadn't thought of him in ages, oh, those teeth!