Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another flimsie!

My New Year's Eve Mystery quilt top is ready to go on the LA, maybe tomorrow. I laid it out on the bed & it certainly is um.......... cheerful! The focus fabric was on sale after Christmas 75% off at one of my favorite quilt shops, Bernina Connection, it was too good a deal & someone will love it- won't they? It sort of looks a little retro to me.
I will probably quilt an over-all flowery thing, I have enough of the focus print for backing & binding & all of it came from stash, woohoo. With any luck I can get another UFO off the list this week. Then I must get back to putting together the blocks for the Double Delight Mystery, all I lack are the setting triangles & borders.
No news on the baby front, baby Matthew is still hanging out comfy as can be in Mumma's tummy! Can't say the same for poor little Mumma Madeleine, she is decidedly uncomfortable at this stage!
Tomorrow will be fun I am meeting LA'er friend Debbie at Quiltz to choose fabric for a B&W quilt for her DIL then we will have lunch. I don't often get the opportunity to hang out with my friends so I do treasure those times.
Debbie too has an awesome little Aussie Terrier named Lucy-Lucy is a bird dog, LOL, she likes to catch birds but is more successful at it than Button, or maybe they have more birds in their large fruit tree laden yard! Her owners feel badly about the unfortunate birds, & Debbie said that while we have a nice dog they have Lizzie Borden!! I'm not so sure I would put it like that because Button can charm the birds out of the trees, but then she likes to make a "between meal snack" of them!  Like all "Aussies", Button will chase anything that moves & if she catches it & it's edible then, well, it's edible,LOL [unless we catch her in time].

Here she is on the squirrel hunt in the log pile in CO.last week, "I know that dratted rodent is here I saw it run under the logs, I can smell it...." this was during a big spring snowstorm.

"Now where did it go......?"

Sigh.....what are you gonna do, it's simply the laws of nature!

PS. Pat emailed me that the Koala quilt came today, so now I have an extra Gari, what was your address again?!


farmlady said...

Your little Terrier is so cute. I love the winter outfit. She will get the squirrel next time.
Lovely quilt. You are so talented.

GARI said...

Ros, I am here but I can't find your email address. Write me and my address will be right there. Yipee!!!!