Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Day- and more of baby Matthew!

Yesterday I was quite domestic in between visiting baby Matthew[& his parents!] in the hospital. I made home-made marshmallows & some of my special biscotti, red & white with white chocolate frosting.

I took some of each to friends & to youngest DS who was of course hanging out with Madeleine & their new baby at the hospital.
We were again fortunate to be invited to a friend's wonderful annual Easter luncheon after Easter worship service. I wish I had taken more photos because everything this lady does is five star! Their beautiful home and park-like setting are perfect for entertaining, add in exquisite attention to detail & always an interesting mix of company & you have a delightful event!

I have only two pics, one of the "Easter tree", I love it, so very whimsical, feminine & spring-like. Behind it you can just barely see the fabulous crystal chandelier that hangs over the large kitchen island, I seriously covet that chandelier even though I have absolutely nowhere to display such a wondrous thing! How fine is that, a glorious chandelier in the kitchen!

The second photo is of the table centerpiece, everything made by our hostess. She is a very talented lady with a true gift of hospitality.
Next time we are invited I will try to remember to take more photos!
I have a couple more baby pics., warning folks, you may be exposed to these on a regular basis from now on!
Ah, what can I say, Grandmother is besotted, Grandfather too I might add!

This one came off DH's camera from Friday, little Matthew was maybe 20 minutes old & it was the first time I held him. The spots on my shirt are the tears I could not stop, you can see my eyes are overflowing but DH insisted that I smile for the camera!
It is a long time since I last held a beautiful baby Matthew Atwood in my arms.

This sweet photo I took late this afternoon as Matthew's Grandfather was having his little cuddle. Baby Matthew is 2 days old!
Tomorrow I hope to get back to quilting the NYE mystery on the LA.


Miri said...

Congrats Grandma! What a beautiful baby boy! and keep those pictures coming!

Glad you had a lovely Easter.

Love the pink and purple quilt...definitely a retro something there!

Moira said...

Great to see a picture of baby Matthew, and to see what your DH looks like as well. =)

Moira M.