Friday, April 3, 2009

JWA is 35!

Wow, my baby boy was 35 yesterday, April 2nd. where have the years gone? He has often said "thanks Mum for not having me on April fool's Day"!

Jonathan weighed 7lbs.2.5 ozs. & was 21"' long & he was 2 & 1/2 weeks late! You can just imagine how frustrated Mum was by the time he decided to make his appearance.
Now he is awaiting the birth of his own son baby Matthew, any time in the next two weeks. Jonathan was three weeks old in the photo above, sweet little face but oh those legs needed some filling out, I wonder if baby Matt will have those same legs? We will know very soon!

Here he is about 18 months old looking much sturdier.

And as you can see he has filled out very nicely as a young man!
He tends bar nights while he is back in school so we went to see him on the job last evening & say happy birthday. JW has never been crazy about cake but always loved eclairs & when he was younger I would make eclairs & build a pyramid of them with candles in the top tier & since I hadn't done that for a long time I decided to revisit this tradition. So yesterday was "eclair making day", lots of eggs & butter in the dough, plenty of eggs & cream in the filling they are definitely not low cal but it's a birthday celebration not daily sustenance.
You can see he is holding his eclairs & I brought extras along to share with his friends so he had all of these to take home- to share with Madeleine!
Happy birthday son, we are so proud of you & we love you very much!

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farmlady said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan. Could you ask your Mom to send some eclairs to my house in California.