Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another UFO Finished!

This is my NY Eve mystery that is now out of the UFO status & into the "done done" category. the backing is the same as the focus fabric as is the binding.

The Old Tobacco Road mystery qult from Bonnie Hunter at quiltville.com is a total scrap quilt, everything came out of stash & the little patches are "kitchen sink" scrapped, so the blue in there is quite a different & unexpected "pop". I finished it a few weeks ago but couldn't take a good photo until DH had completed my display rack. Neither quilt yet has a home & they are both too large for QOV's, OTR is actually queen size.
I am now able to hang quilts for photography instead of doing a contortionist act trying to take pics of them laid out on the floor! DH made a pulley system for me up in the loft so I can clip the quilts to a board [painted the same color as the wall] & hoist them up, it's really great! A couple of other quilters on my groups had mentioned their systems & one sent me some info. that we were able to use to construct my set up.
Since baby Matthew & his Mum came home from hospital yesterday, I made sausage rolls for the new parents & I will take those & brown rice & cabbage slaw to them for their evening meal- of course that means I also can take a peek at new GS, there is method in my madness!
Oh PS. Thearica  is celebrating her daughter's birthday with  a SUPER GIFT!


Woodie's World said...

Both quilts are beautiful, but I especially love your Old Tabacco Road...it is stunning, love the colors

Barb said...

Thanks for coming by awhile back and checking out my blog and giveaway.

I'm not sure where a bird nest will fit into your life, but that is what you have won!

Send me your address. Winning prizes will be posted in a couple of days.

Blessings, and congratulations.

Barbra Jean
Treasures from the Heart Gifts

Miri said...

Both quilts are wonderful!
Love your pulley system (I still use the floor for big quilts and masking tape to the wall for lap size and smaller)

What is QOV?

Suze said...

Ahhhh....... A finish. That is such a wonderful thing. Both quilts turned out well but I will say that The Old Tobacco Road quilt has just the right colors. I can almost smell the cured tobacco.

Great idea on the pully system. I will keep that in mind for a later project.