Monday, April 27, 2009

Double Delight Done!

It has been more than a week since I posted, not sure what happened but it seemed to be a very busy week. I took pity on a lovely marmalade cat either lost or abandoned in the nearby park where we walk daily. She was mewing & following everyone who would talk to her & I was afraid the coyotes would get her. She was very hungry & friendly & looked young & healthy. So between us my friend Terry & I rescued her & kept her[mostly in Terry's garage] until I found a loving home for her with the daughter of a friend. She is such a lovely kitty, very calm & comes when called, litter trained etc. She went easily in the crate & didn't get car sick! I didn't want to take her to a place where her hope of being adopted would be small so I networked all week, emailing & calling until Saturday when I hit pay-dirt, & Sunday kitty went to her new home. A nice happy ending, I will be checking on her in a few days just to see how she is doing & what they find out after a vet visit.

I finished the binding on the DD this afternoon and it is a good feeling to have another quite- large project completed though I confess that I was working on the quilting till the wee small hours of this morning! You can see that I used up most of my leftover 3 1/2" blocks to fill in the border, didn't have enough fabric otherwise. This quilt is total stash & a lot of scraps though I never really seem to make a dent in them!
I have been wanting to try a freehand quilting design similar to a Baptist Fan & I thought that this quilt would be a good place to experiment. I need to take a couple more pics of the borders.
I will buy some more of those black clips I'm using to attach the quilt to the rail because the weight of the quilt causes it to sag on the display rack, the clips are too far apart. I can pick them up tomorrow at Harbor Freight or HD .

I think I will be experimenting further with this kind of quilting design, I can imagine several ways to vary it other than the straight rows[more random] or the flat ends on the arches and it is a great all over for a busy quilt that needs a good amount of quilting to secure all of the little pieces. I am so anti pantograph that I will do almost anything to avoid them!

I tried to get a good close up of the back but that seems to work better if the quilt is flat on a bed or the floor & it's still hanging on the rack.

I also made a few more laptop bags, I'm going to open an Etsy store after we return from our visit to my family DownUnder. I now have these 5 ready.
I am honing the pattern, the last three I quilted the fabrics first then cut out the pieces but that meant I had to do a lot of binding of raw edges. I replaced the closures with velcro rather than snaps & sewed a small pocket on the inside to hold a credit card or something like that. I am still pondering the need for all of that binding & trying to think of a way to avoid it.

We haven't seen baby Matt for a couple of days, JW was in class tonight so maybe we will go by & see them tomorrow evening. Jonathan is still working on his application for Medical School & catching up on labs etc that he had to postpone due to his son's birth!
I saw the wee boy Saturday when I took over another meal for his parents, & DH took the pics. below on Thursday last.

Looking quite wide awake, he is one day short of 2 weeks here.

Getting ready for..............

a big yaaaaaawn!

That's it's folks!


Renate said...

Your Double Delight is very beautiful. I love how you did the border.

Suze said...

Great job on the Double Delight. I still have to put the binding and label on mine but I should be finished soon.

What a beautiful baby boy. What joy they bring.

GARI said...

You did a great job on your DD. I decided I only needed a table topper but still don't have the blocks put together: another UFO on the shelf. LOL

farmlady said...

There is a Double Delight rose. I have one. Is that what this beautiful quilt is named after?

The kitty will be just fine. They always land on their feet you know. You are such a caring person.

That baby is so cute. God has brought you a new gift Roslyn.

Khris said...

ohhh what a bigggg yawn!!!

The DD looks great....LOVE those colours Roslyn...hugs Khris