Monday, November 23, 2009

Mindless Sewing

This weekend I indulged in a mindless sewing break-I wanted to sew but didn't want to tackle anything challenging or items already in progress, I felt the need for new projects easily completed.
The result:
four more presentation cases for the QOV's I need to ship off to Alycia.
Each of the quilts for our wounded warriors is presented in some kind of fabric bag, I usually make mine similar to a pillow case and about the size of a standard pillow. None are identical in size, I cut up the fabric according to whatever I have in order to end up with an appropriate size to hold the quilt. They are very simply sewn from bits and pieces in my R.W and blue stash, most half yard or FQ size and in keeping with the patriotic theme.
Here you can see the French seams so there is no fraying, the inside is very neat and they sew up lightning fast. They can be used as pillow covers or for storing the quilt if not in use. It's a nice way to present the quilts, makes them a little more special. I try to put a personal note in with each quilt but I missed that with the last box, just got in a hurry and forgot!

There are four more selvedge pot holders to add to the collection......
I now have 13, all will probably be given away by Christmas.

And two more selvedge pin cushions!
How is that for some mindless sewing? I have a nice sense of accomplishment that came stress free and I have something to show for my weekend. Into the bargain I have a few more little gifts and the QOV bags are ready.
I am almost out of selvedges so I will have to put that project on the shelf for a while. This week I need to get back to the long arm anyway, the Singing His Praises BOM awaits me.


Pat said...

What great ideas you've shown here!

Reddirt Woman said...

I love that you use ALL your fabric including your selvedge edge potholders and pin cushions. That is probably what I should start on instead of trying something more difficult. And what a great idea for the pillow case/quilt holder. You never cease to amaze me.



Excuse my ignorance of terms but what is a BOM?