Monday, September 29, 2014

A More Modern Quilt

As I lean toward simpler, more modern quilt designs the Swirls quilting pattern seems to compliment them really well.
 It is my "go to" design for the moment for moderns, so I think I need to find some new alternatives!
 I wish I could do a better job of high-lighting the quilting on the full quilt but it is challenging!
The backing is pieced, two different brown prints. 
I am not sure how much quilting will be done this week, I am trying to get my garden into shape, now that the weather seems to be moderating it's time to rescue the garden from the havoc caused by extremes of weather the last few months. There are about 50 plants, shrubs and perennials in pots out back awaiting planting, so lots of work ahead there. This afternoon I trimmed a lot off the big Brazilian Pepper in the back and some off the climbing rose and the two large Hibiscus and The Boy helped to load it into the trash bin, he does love to help.  The mature plantings all seem to have gone wild between the heat and all the rain, the bedding plants on the other hand are almost non existent due to the same two weather issues that caused the abundant growth in the larger plants! Mums are on sale at Home Depot so I loaded up on them hoping they will make a nice color show in two weeks in time for the Champagne Brunch engagement party, barring more extremes of weather -over which we really have no control, I believe the Creator has His hands on that!