Thursday, September 4, 2014

Rereat Day Three

Feeling very sleep deprived this morning it took me a long time to get ramped up for the day!
Yesterday I had begun work on the Crystal quilt and by this evening I managed to get all the blocks done and sewn into rows. There are three borders to be added to make it 72"x94".
 Elaine brought this lovely BOM for show and tell, she is a "beginner" she says!
Sheryl and Pat did two more demos,  the directions for these adorable little boxes are below, they are simple and fast and I will make some and post pics of the steps on the blog.
 Very cute pot holders take a few steps and appear to have a "Cathedral Window" sort of design- they are probably not more time consuming than the selvedge potholders so might make one just to try it out.
 They are much cuter in reality rather elegant, perhaps I can get a better pic in the morning before everyone leaves.
 Leslie finished this great QOV top today and I know the soldier who gets it will be cheered by the bright colors.
 Barbara's quilt to which will be added two borders, it's a very pretty quilt.
 The next two quilts Linda finished this week, and will quilt on her DSM
This one for a baby girl expected this week.
 An interesting circular quilt Sandy is quilting on her DSM.
A quilt Sandy made with blocks left from a Christmas quilt makes a handy table topper.
 A cute modern quilt Valerie completed at retreat.
 We have had a grand three days of good fun, food and fellowship with considerable quilting accomplished in the cool pines of Big Bear Lake. I wonder where the next retreat will be?

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farmlady said...

Love the little quilted boxes. I might be able to do something like this.
Love all the quilts.

(Did you notice that Tatersmama is posting again after almost two years. I guess she has had a time of it. Just wanted you to know.)