Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Going Forward-And Backwards!

Progress forward on the bathroom though a day later than expected. The torrential rains yesterday left interstates, local streets and backyards flooded while one highway had vehicles floating down the road! Scary I am sure if you were in one of those vehicles. Our back yard and greenbelt were indeed flooded but we are on a slight slope from Carefree down to central Phoenix so the water eventually drains away no harm done.
Colleges were closed so I missed gym workout and our tiler decided not to run the gamut of flooded streets. More rain today but not heavy and I haven't checked the forecast for tomorrow.
In a nation as large as USA as in Australia one area can be flooded while another is in severe drought, it is the way the wind blows!
Shower almost done…………..
just one little corner of the floor to go.
 Base of vanity is in, enough for City Of Stone to come measure for the granite I chose………...
this one, a nice contrast to the dark wood vanity. All of that is going forward but…….on the quilting, well that's the going backwards part! I decided that I hated the quilting I have done so far on the vintage fan quilt so I took it off the longarm and plan to "frog" the whole thing!
It isn't so much the feather border but the quilting of the fans that I dislike 
so it will all come out! Sigh, sometimes it happens that way!
Oh and make sure that you leave me a message if you want to be in the draw for the pin cushion chickens.

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