Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Renovation update

I was up early and at the gym well in time for the 7:30 a.m.Cardio Blitz class. I usually go to the 10:30 class and was surprised how great it felt to be done and home around 8:30 with the whole day ahead of me.
Today the glass shower went in and the stone guy came to measure for the vanity top. This is not a large bathroom, about 8ft x 9ft. so space is very precious and I'm hoping the light gray paint and glass shower will make it feel less claustrophobic. The glass is frameless so we have to leave the red tape on for 24 hours, then we can use the shower.
 The glass is not green, just appears that way! It's half inch thick, perhaps that's why? Our last home in Scottsdale had a glass shower but it was pink tile, eeuuww, and I know that glass was much thinner. It was also a nightmare to try and keep clean, but we had hard water and no water resistant coating on it though I did try that Rainx stuff for car windshields without much success.
This is much prettier and the price difference was negligible from 3/8 to 1/2 inch. We also have the Showerguard protective shield for water spotting etc. making maintenance minimal, and the cost was low for that add on, well worth the investment. We used Diamond Glass and Mirror here in Phoenix area, having had a long association with the company I trusted them implicitly. Their website has a link to American Shower Doors, with more information and pictures, lots of options.
Painting is about finished in there and the remainder of the vanity will be delivered tomorrow, so we are closing in on a finish!
Meantime I loaded one of the retreat quilts on the longarm and hope to have time after Bible study tomorrow to work on it while I await delivery from the freight company.
Still triple digit temperatures, summer has not heard that it is supposed to be done!


Jody said...

The shower looks great. Received the chicken in the mail--thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Great that the end is in sight. You changed your paint color we thought it was going to be turquoise . Enjoy autumn, cool weather is on the way. Dotti