Friday, September 5, 2014

The Chickens Have Flown The Coop!

We all got away from Big Bear Lake around 9:30 this morning and everyone has arrived home safely with their chickens! Only these two are left, I had made two extra "just in case".
So, I have decided to give them away to a regular reader- you don't need to jump through hoops just leave me a comment with a color preference if you have one before midnight Pacific Time Sunday September 14th. and I will conduct a random number generator on Monday 15th. I will mail anywhere so it's open season but make sure I can contact you through your blog or some other way and I will find out then where to send these little chicks.
I arrived home right on 6pm. and we went out to eat sushi, it had been a long day and a tiring but happy week! I met some lovely ladies, new quilty friends I hope to see at "Road To California" in January.
Meanwhile "back at the ranch" DH had been very busy and the rest of the bathroom is gutted, the entire vanity is gone along with the mirror and medicine cabinets.
Our tiler Mike has made good progress on the shower  and will be finished Monday except for grout and sealing the travertine tiles. I am pleased with the results so far and on Monday I can call the glass company for final measurements. 
It seems so open and larger now, and I can't wait for the finish.
Our vanity should be here Monday and then I can order the granite top.


Andee said...

Oooh put my name in the hat! Love those chickens. Shower looks great too and I am glad you enjoyed your retreat!

Sherry said...

I loved watching your chickens.....purple and yellow are my favorite colors.

The tile work is beautiful. I look forward to seeing the finished room.

Have a wonderful day.

Alice Ronne said...

They are adorable! Love the blue guy-reminds me of my days as a hairdresser-the kid who wanted spikey blue hair! Thanks for the giveaway all the work you do for Q of V.

akronne17 at gmail dot com

pizzaeater said...

I love your chickens. I like the teal chicken.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are not affected by the flooding. Keep those chickens dry.

Roslyn said...

Roslyn said...

Thx for the good wishes on the flooding, it all went downhill and our flooded yards and greenbelts are still soggy but I think the rain is done for now.
We can always use rain here in the desert so we take what comes with gratitude!

Jody said...

Love the Chickens--especially the funky combs! And on that note, I think I like the teal one the best. Am waiting to see your finished shower--you are further along than I am, but at least we now HAVE the shower out in the shop!