Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Finishes

Well, better later than never, I have been slammed all week and in addition this is our week with The Boy, so more grandchild time means less other "stuff"!
The Mr. Linky I promised has been created but as yet I have not been able to insert it into this post. The learning curve continues, perhaps by next Friday.
Meantime, if you have progress on or completion of a project you have posted, please leave me a comment and I will come by your blog to check it out.
This week my finishes are mostly non quilting [NQ] as I worked all week on the yard, trimming overgrowth and dealing with the frizzled remains of summer's assault! I wanted it to look especially nice for the engagement celebration next weekend so I put in the extra effort.
 The sun was very bright this morning as you can tell in this pic.
 There are four large trees in our very shady yard, and they seem to grow exponentially in the heat. On the left here is the Ficus, about 30ft. tall, it has taken some serious damage in the rare years we have several days of severe freezes and has needed cutting back to the trunk but it always comes back. It really helps to shade the yard from the harsh western sun. Oh let me not forget it holds the swing!
 This is a multi- trunk Brazilian Pepper, a large umbrella-like tree and very hardy, we have a single trunk version out front. Around the tree is a little memorial garden for our son Matt.
This flower bed was a disaster, but 35 mums have changed it from a mess to something quite acceptable. I am hoping that the new plantings will begin to fill in the next week, they definitely add welcome color. The tree roots here are only 6" below the surface and even with the addition of a bag of soil conditioner I think it could use another 6" so I am brain-storming with DH some way to erect a 6" ledge around the circle to contain more soil. This will be a winter project! On the left toward the back is my rosemary plant, one of my favorite herbs for cooking, it goes great with lamb and roasted potatoes and has a lovely clean herbal fragrance.
There's still some tidying up to do around the perimeter of the yard but I have done my dash for this week, it may not sound like a lot of work but indeed it was!
My only sewing finish- one of two seat pads for the park benches in the yard- I had this cute fabric in stash well aged and made great use of it. Construction on the second one was interrupted when I needed to fetch The Boy from school and between him and getting dinner I have not returned to it-but tomorrow is another day!
And here is the link finally that clever Heather coached me through!


LynCC said...

It looks so nice! I'm trying to figure out how to get a good grip on our property in a way that we can afford so that it'll be super nice for a late-summer wedding next year. . . Enjoy your time with the Boy. :D

Heather said...

Last weekend we did some major yard work. We rented a large chipper/shredded and went crazy pruning. There is a large stand of sumac at the back of the yard and it needed lots of attention. Most of the active growth was up high in the crown, so i took out a bunch of large old trees to open the crown and let the sun in so the little ones could grow up next year. Our area had some major ice damage last winter and those trees needed some clean up. This produced lots of mulch for under the Red Bud. It looks so much better now. Other than another cut of the grass, that's about it for our yard work this year, now to prepare for snow.

I'll be back next week with a finished project.