Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New Year's Eve Mystery Quilt 2013

Yes I know, I am a little ahead of myself here, but the instructions are out at QT Mystery Quilts for fabrics and for cutting for each clue. We will be in Boston over the holidays so I am taking my fabrics with me and borrowing a machine to sew on New Year's Eve!
We need four fabrics as below and I want to use only stash:
Fabric#1- bright
Fabric #2- light medium
Fabric#3- medium
Fabric#4- medium dark- dark
I have pulled these fabrics from stash and picked two bright possibilities, and two light mediums.  This is the first bright candidate.
From left to right, bright, light medium, medium and dark. I think the light medium reads more  as a light but am not sure this is too important. The dark is in real time much darker, it shows up brighter in the pic.
The other light medium is a rather close to the medium, though in reality it isn't quite this close.
Second bright candidate, I think I like it better, but funny thing is, it's the same bright I used in last year's NYE Mystery! Time to use up the rest?
This is the combo I am leaning towards, good contrast and enough of each fabric in my stash to fulfill the needs for this design.
So, tell me what you think!


Andee said...

Love the last picture (that you are leaning towards) it will be really cheery! I think I am doing mine in mickey mouse colors for my aunt...black, red, yellow and white or cream. Not sure what will happen with that!

Jody said...

I'm leaning with you!