Friday, December 6, 2013

A Fur Throw

Number one son has a birthday this month, 10 days away in fact. It's very difficult to find something he doesn't have or cannot get for himself, his interests are all vroom -vroom related!
However his wife happened to mention something a while back that stayed in my mind, about a rather dilapidated fur throw he liked to use watching TV when the weather here in Phoenix is quite chilly, as it is now, today in the 40's!
I remembered that I had this yummy stuff and decided it would make a good birthday gift.
It is a beautiful "fake" fur-is it leopard or ocelot? And has been in my stash for some time since friend had kindly bought it [wholesale ]  for me at the Dallas Market a few years ago. It is lovely quality, heavy, soft, vibrant colored and thick, and quite expensive retail. I have enough for two throws, perhaps I will make the other for myself sometime!
 The backing was already stored with it so was able to finish up the gift for my son and I am ahead of the game for once! Now I can get on with quilting the blue Christmas wall hanging and making a few little Christmas ornaments from a free denim pattern I found on the  "Sewthankful" email newsletter.


Gari in AL said...

Oh, Roz, I love it. I made one quite like it a couple of years ago and it is the only fancy thing in our cowboy styled family room. I liked it so much that I bought a faux mink piece and made another for the studio recliner. Good job.

Roslyn said...

#1 Son loves it, but he may have to fight his wife for it!