Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Celtic Solstice, Clue #3

This was a very easy clue to complete,  2" HST's. Bonnie likes to use the Easy Angle ruler to cut hundreds of individual triangles while I prefer the two at a time method. I lay the two required fabrics right sides together, rotary cut two and three eight inch strips then cut two and three eighth inch squares. After marking a diagonal line on each set of squares I sew a scant 1/4" on each side of the center line, slice them apart on the marked line and lo and behold two perfect 2" HST's every time. If you press your strips together the pairs stay lined up and make sewing simple.
                                    For the smaller size quilt, 100 HST's were required.
and the remainder to be made into 25 pinwheels. 
I suspect I may get behind for the remainder of the mystery after this week; as the clues are released we will be in Boston for three weeks after Christmas and I am not sure how much sewing will be done, though I do plan to make the New Year's Eve mystery.
This past week has been a rough time for two very dear friends who each lost a beloved spouse. There is never a good time but at Christmas it's even more difficult when the rest of the world goes on with the joy of the Season and their worlds have stopped under the burden of a fresh and terrible loss.
I was honored yesterday to speak and offer prayer at one of the memorials, and although the grief was palpable there was joy in the celebration of the life and legacy of a wonderful man who now spends Eternity with the Lord.
We must treasure every moment, never knowing which will be our last breath.
God bless us every one.

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Andee said...

Clue looks great and yes, life should not be so hard. We will miss you while you are back east but I hope to see a few posts on the blog!