Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Three More HOB Quilts

There are five families of Colorado Fallen Heroes awaiting a memorial quilt and a couple more possibilities in my ongoing search for these families. Only having one quilt on hand ready for labeling necessitated the quilting and binding of several more, and as of today I have three more quilted, still awaiting binding. These are the Civil War Replica Soldier's quilts that recall the sacrifice of so many more patriots during the Civil War.
This one I quilted block by block, but it's more time consuming than I like when I have so many to do in as short a time........so these next two are freehand overalls.
A close up................

another detail picture.
 The backings are pieced.

These three quilts went very fast only a couple of hours each and I was on a roll! I pulled out a couple more tops to tackle tomorrow, then I will bind them all.
The first two came with prepared binding which I do appreciate, the others require bindings to be prepared.


Jody said...

Way to go!

Roslyn said...

Thx Jody, hope to do a couple more tomorrow! Then the binding uh!

Linda said...

What a wonderful thing you do! These are lovely quilts and I am sure they will be cherished!

Andee said...

You really rock Ros!