Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Arrowhead blocks

Andee over at the Modern Diary, gave me "Anita's Arrowhead" block pattern, here's the link, it's different from the vintage Arrowhead pattern shown here in a 1930's newspaper article. We are supposed to be doing it with the AZ. Huggy Bunch group, not sure when, last Saturday it was just BJ and me and this Saturday we will not be sewing together.
My quilt will be all in batiks and I couldn't wait to get started. Last week the squares for the blocks were cut, 120 in my case to make 60 blocks. Mine are the 12.5" size, thinking that will make two 60"x72" quilts, larger even with borders.
Looking at all those neatly stacked squares was simply too enticing and I had to begin to sew to see how the gorgeous colors in the batiks would look in the combinations I had put together.
These blocks sew up very fast, and you can see the entire pattern and even download the PDF free at this link so no need for me to go into detail but just to show how easy this is, here briefly is how they go together.
Cut two contrasting squares, either 8.5" or 12.5" and sew right sides together as shown here leaving an open space on two sides.
cut diagonally and stack the pieces as above,
make two more cuts, this shows the contrasting side,
 press pieces open and arrange thus,
Easy and fast and so rewarding, it's almost instant gratification.
These are the twelve I have so far, aren't they beauties? Only 48 to go!
I mentioned a few days ago that there was another red,white and black block in the works from my other batik project and it turned out just fine, all from scrounged up scraps!
 I have planned a special birthday celebration for DH Saturday [hint hint, it's a big birthday, LOL!] which is why we aren't sewing here. More on that after the party!


Andee said...

Looking good..I haven't started mine yet. Tell DH happy bday!

Linda said...

That is a beautiful quilt in the works - and I LOVE the red, white and black pattern!

Miri said...

This is just gorgeous! Thanks for the link...this looks fun and easy and once I'm back on the sewing machine I think I'll give it a go.

Wish DH a very happy birthday.

Love your little Harry Potter!

Khristina aka Khris said...

What a great way to make them up....seems so easy...thanks for sharing Roslyn...hugs Khris

Khristina aka Khris said...

Roslyn I am popping this tutorial link on the Freebies blog if that's okay...hugs Khris

KaHolly said...

Great way to make this block. Thanks so much for sharing!! It looks beautiful in batiks.

Chris WI...USA said...

I made this quilt last yr. for my granddaughter & used MODA layer cakes. This was so easy, 3 cuts & vwala it's cut.

Roslyn said...

At shop hop I saw one done in only two fabrics. It was amazingly different, showed a secondary pattern that I never noticed with all the different batiks. I want to try that but there's a long list ahead of it!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and looks like lots of fun, Can't wait to finish my workload and start this one. Thank you so much for new inspirations. Suzie in Venice, Fla.

cathyj said...

I was shown this technique at a retreat last year, I love it!