Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Report

All that's to show for this week, another 15 Arrowhead blocks- I think that makes nearly 50 of the 60 that I have in progress and I hope to get the others done in the next week. I have stayed off the longarm all week because my back has been too painful but after the first radio-frequency ablation procedure on the left lumbar spine yesterday, I am hoping that relief is on the way! In two weeks I will get the same thing done on the right side and with any luck at all I may have a minimum of 6 months - hopefully 2yrs. relief from the severe pain. I will let you know how successful it is but I have to say that the first day or two after are more painful, though resting with an ice pack helps a lot.
It was still a busy week, we spent half of one day at the Phx. Children's Hosp. in the ED, little man appears to be violently allergic to.....cashews?!
Very odd, and quite unexpected, since he drinks Almond Silk, and eats peanut butter every day. He also eats pecans and walnuts in the home made granola so who would ever have imagined he might be allergic to another nut? I think he only had two cashews and within an hour had begun to itch and large red welts appeared which rapidly advanced as the welts joined up, til his entire body looked as red as a lobster, his face all puffed up and he was miserable! Quite frightening so a very fast trip to the ED ensued where we spent around 4 hours while he was treated with IV's. Poor little chap was so exhausted and quite frightened so GM had to hold him almost the entire time.
By evening he was mostly himself again but with still a few red blotches. He has had a couple of other episodes with hives so we plan to keep an EpiPen JR. in his backpack that goes everywhere with him, just in case! it's my considered opinion that if you have it you won't need it, LOL, so it is insurance!
BJ returned today from her training week in Rochester so she is staying home for the weekend, but after a visit to the gym I plan to sew or more likely quilt the top that is on the LA.
Later in the day there's a workshop at the Mac store for iPad that I could attend because I got my new iPad, woohoo, fun fun fun! First order of business is to download some apps for the little fellow, he loves electronics  and I thought it a good investment to help him continue to learn and stay entertained over the hot hot summer, and it is very hot now here. In fact I think there's another heat warning in the valley tomorrow. Ack! Thank you Lord for air conditioning.

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Linda said...

Allergic reactions are so frightening! Glad the little guy is ok! It is really hot here too - we are trying to get out early so we can stay in during the heat of the day. Stay cool and enjoy the iPad! My little grands LOVE playing games on the thing...