Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Binding Marathon!

The past couple of days have been devoted to binding six, and then attaching labels to all seven HOB quilts.
I had planned to take a break in between but decided that I was in the groove and might just as well plough on, with my trusty headphones and iPod to mitigate the repetitiveness of binding so many quilts one after the other. Many quilters do not care much for this last part of the construction of a quilt, but usually I get a lot of satisfaction from the finishing of the project, however, so many all together can be monotonous!
So here they all are, ready to be boxed, addressed and shipped to perhaps bring some small comfort to seven families who are missing a beloved soldier son or daughter.
There are more details on the Colorado Home Of the Brave blogspot.
It is quite a time consuming project just to prep all the certificates, cards and quilt labels for each quilt so getting all of this done at once is a real weight off my mind and now I can move on to completing some personal projects, like the recent mystery quilt that still needs borders.


Linda said...

I really do have to learn how to do the borders. Because I do tied quilts, for the little ones to drag around, I usually just turn them, then stitch the edging. Maybe one day, I will have the time to learn to do this right! For now, I have SO many things I want to do - my photography, blogging, drawing, watercolor and oils, sewing - there just aren't enough hours in the day! I am sure the work you do for those who have lost their military family members is much appreciated.

Khris said...

You are a real trooper Roslyn...well done. I am like you and enjoy the binding stage. I love sitting down watching a good movie and hand stitching them down...it feels good that it is the final thing to finish it off.
Hugs Khris

Andee said...

Way to go Ros! I have managed to bind two that you gave back to me...one to go, lol and I thought I was getting lots done :)