Saturday, June 2, 2012

Spring Mystery

Well, at 110 degrees plus it sure doesn't feel like "spring" but that's AZ I guess and we are less than 3 weeks from summer officially!
Seven of us sewed here today, four working on the Mystery, two sewing on their own projects and June was hand-sewing her hexies. 
 Samantha pressing her quilt and June sewing her hexies.........
machines humming...............
and Andee auditions her block setting.
Kathy has her Mystery all ready for quilting, I guess I will have the privilege!
She altered her setting a little.
Andee's top is also complete.
Samantha has produced her first quilt after sewing with us for only 3 weeks!
Wow, you go girl!
Now she is machine quilting it! Definitely a fast learner.
Alissa brought her Van Gogh for show and tell. It's beautiful and the back is as perfect as the front, she is a meticulous piecer.
 This KitchenAid mixer was Alissa's project today, isn't it adorable?
It's a paper pieced pattern that has a bowl to be appliqued also. Those of us who own these same mixers all want the pattern for this very cute block, you can find it here. My old KitchenAid is a workhorse, it will be 38 years old this Christmas and has countless hours of hard work and never misses a beat, so I have to make this block since I also love PP.
Here's one one block setting for my quilt using the HST's to make pinwheels,
and here's another with an hourglass block instead.
I can't decide which I prefer, any comments?
Here are BJ's blocks in two settings also,
 I got these two pics of BJ's blocks from Andee's blog because I didn't have any!
Thanks Andee!


Andee said...

Steal some pics of BJ's off my blog. I just saved yours to add to my post!

Linda said...

I would so enjoy having a group...I can't even find anyone around here who still wants to sew period! Nice work, all!