Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Sewing

Yesterday Samantha came to sew, her second "lesson".
21x 4 patches are now sewn and this week I think she will try to sew them together. We will report further next  weekend!
Pressing as you sew is a very important step in the quilting process in order to end up with a nice square, flat top, so Samantha is learning how to carefully press all the seams at every step, then how to trim them all to the same size and shape, makes stitching together so much easier.
Thursday this little Olivia Pig quilt came off the longarm machine and is now bound. It doesn't yet have a new home, but would suit a young girl nicely.
The back is pieced from the bits left over..............
 quilted with an all-over freehand echoed heart a nod to the heart fabric in the corner blocks.
Last night the original Five Yard Quilt was mounted on the longarm and may be quilted later today. I took the little fellow to Sunday School when I went to church this morning and he's still here, his Daddy took advantage of the break to go to the gym.
It will be a quieter couple of weeks for me while DH is away in Colorado, I get very laid back about meals, minimal food prep. sort of a mini vacation!


Linda said...

What a beautiful quilt! I always enjoy seeing your creations!

Janice said...

Love it!