Friday, May 25, 2012

Five Yard Quilt

It has been a fairly productive week quilt-wise and when I tried to link up with Finished For Friday there was no current post, so here's my finish!

The Five Yard Quilt is 66" square and has been added to the "Quilts For Sale" list here. I like the pattern well enough that I am currently piecing another in a different set of fabrics [my own personal ugly fabric quilt challenge, fabrics from my own stash].

The quilting echoes the flower and leaf motif in the fabrics, using a wonderful variegated Rainbow thread from Superior Thread company.

The backing and binding are a Marcus Brother's fabric that coordinates with the front.


Coloradolady said...

Ros, can you tell me if that greenish fabric BJ gave you has the selvedge information. Mine did not have it and I emailed BJ, but maybe she did not get the email. I ordered what I thought was the right fabric, and arrived and is not the right stuff. I need a little more and need to try and find the same thing. Thanks!

Andee said...

It looks great, I need to make one of these!

Anonymous said...

cna you tell me the name of this pattern and the company that makes it. I want to order it for my quilt shop.

Roslyn said...

Hi Sheryl
A friend sent this to me it was a free pattern from the 'net.
If you do an internet search for "Five yard Quilts" there are a lot out there by that name all different, some free some for sale. Sorry I can;t be any more help than that!.