Monday, May 21, 2012

Aussie Burger With The Works!

Last evening JW and I were chatting about the food we eat when in Oz, and primary in his gustatory memory are the great Aussie burgers! They are super huge, a wonderful real bread bun [not the cake-like dough American burgers are traditionally served in] deliciously drippy and filled with oh so many flavors, mmmmm yummy! It made our salivary glands anxious for a repeat so I decided to make them for dinner this evening.
Apart from the ground meat, you also need quite a few fixings that aren't normally found in American burgers.
Now I don't eat beef-well, I have eaten it once in the past 20 years, in Australia. I don't care for US beef, it's corn fed and likely filled with hormones and antibiotics. My body has enough challenges without coping with all of that.
So off to Costco this morning to buy some ground bison for the burger patties. 
The best buns for this recipe that I have found are also from Costco, they are sturdier and better tasting, these burgers need a good hefty bun!
Then you also need a couple of good free range eggs,
 my friend Gale's hens lay these lovely brown, pale green and aqua colored eggs, you'll need one egg for each burger.
In addition, prepare for each burger, a large onion slice 1/4" thick, a slice of strong tasty cheddar, a lettuce leaf, a slice of beefsteak tomato, crispy fried bacon strips, and the essential pickled beets!
A little mayo ..........and ketchup.
The burgers themselves are seasoned with finely diced red onion, salt and pepper and about half a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce for each serving. I make generous sized patties, 4-6 ozs. each and press an indentation in the center so they cook evenly.
Fry up the bacon and onion rings, then set aside and cook the burgers, about 4-5 minutes each side depending on your taste for doneness and how cold the patties are.The final minute or two of cooking place a slice of tasty sharp cheese on each patty so it melts  little. At the same time grill the insides of the buns and fry the eggs over easy, the yolks should be runny.
Spread a little mayo on the bottom half of the bun, stack up lettuce, sliced pickled beets, tomato, bacon then the burger/cheese and onion and egg on top! A little ketchup on the top half of the bun and there you have it.

Ah, such culinary bliss
One bite down............
? many to go! If you are an eagle eye you can just spot the glass of good red wine to the left of the plate, these burgers go really well with a nice red. This one was a Malbec from Argentina.
Warning, these are multiple napkin burgers.
Served with a wonderful healthy spinach salad!
I just know that when DH sees this post he may be sorry he's in CO. tonight!


Furball Farm Quilting said...

Oh yeah, that's a staple in our house. Friday night footy, with his liquid refreshment, and two hamburgers. Easy to please my man!

Linda said...

Well, except for the egg on it...looks yummy! I don't like eggs...Red Robin serves a burger with an egg on it here in the states...several family members like it.

farmlady said...

OMG! This is sinful! We have tried Bison hamburger and loved it, but I didn't fix it THIS WAY...The real difference being the pickled beets and the egg. I would never think to put an egg or beets on a hamburger. It all sounds delicious.
I will try this on The Prospector. I'll let you know what we think.
Thanks for the yummy post.