Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Report

For a long time it has bothered me that the many visitors from other countries may not be as fluent in English as I am, and could only see the pictures and perhaps guess at the content of the post, so when Google offered this new "TRANSLATE" tool where it is possible to choose one of many languages from the drop-down menu. I immediately jumped on it and from now on you should always see the little "TRANSLATE" button at the head of each new post. I am very excited to be able to offer this to readers of other nationalities and also perhaps now to be able to read comments from them and to respond! This is a great innovation.

 BJ and I did not go to the Spring retreat in Colorado this week, a couple of reasons, my illness that left me too wiped out for an 1100 mile round trip driven over only 4 days, and BJ's dog Teddy who had major surgery last week and is needing close attention. It's very hard to leave your furry friends when they are ill. Instead we are staying in Phx. and getting things done around our homes and sewing.

This week then was an opportunity for some simple sewing piecing together a couple of backings, having spent most of the week recuperating from the vicious virus that youngest DGS brought to us no doubt courtesy of his preschool friends! These little ones are walking germs and it is impossible to prevent them from sharing said germs with each other-and then their families! Such generosity, LOL.
Constructing a couple of backings was about all I felt up to tackling once I got over the worst of the illness and could think about how to entertain myself other than reading or audiobooks- I am not much of a TV devotee.
Today, back at the gym and feeling almost"normal" again but whew, that was not fun!
The first backing above is for the pink and brown quilt 
and uses up most of that fabric collection, and some of what's still left will be used for a pieced scrappy binding.
The second, below, will back the"Olivia Pig Exercises" quilt
a top I finished at Fall retreat in Colorado last year
 Now both of these tops are ready to quilt as soon as I please because I do not currently have a line up of client quilts on which to focus and I can take the time to get a few of my own finished up.
I have come to really love scrappy backings but for me they must have some sort of "order".


Pat said...

I"m sorry you missed the retreat but glad you are now feeling better.

Linda said...

Glad you are better - love your creative backings!