Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

In the Anglican church when I was young we had something called "Mothering Sunday", celebrated during Lent. It was separate from "Mother's Day" and I never really understood the origin or meaning . Wikipedia has some info on it here.
My Mum went to be with the Lord in October 2001, so I have not had a mother to celebrate since then but I do celebrate the memory of this lovely Godly woman and her strong influence and prayer for us over our lives.
I wish all mothers then a lovely day with messages of love from your children- and especially for mothers who have lost a child I send blessings for love and comfort this day.
Mother's Day-or any day for that matter- is never the same when you have lost a child.


Pat said...

What a poignant post. My thoughts are with you!

Linda said...

No, Mother's Day is never the same, but I cherish the 3 sons I have left...even as I mourn the one no longer with me. I wish you the peace of God as you deal with your loss. God bless!

joanne said...

Nothing is ever the same is it...our worlds are changed in ways most people will never understand, and we would never want them to. Thinking of you today Ros, wishing you comfort and peace.

farmlady said...

Especially when you loose a child, Ros. Mother's day must be a day of great sadness. I cannot imagine. But never forget that Matthew's spirit is with you. I'm sure that he celebrates you, on this day, in heaven.
Peace and comfort.