Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Challenges

In the spirit of all the quilt challenges around it seemed appropriate to challenge myself with some "ugly fabrics" from my own stash! Anything I can sew from the stash makes it possible to allow another fabric to inveigle itself into my possession!
This grouping is one of those "OMG whatever was I thinking"?! It has been hanging around longer than it should simply because I have not been able to think of a thing to do with these "interesting" fabrics. There are so many yards of the geometric that I will be using it for backing and maybe borders too, whatever it takes to get it out of my stash!
Browsing the shelves in my studio these fabrics came to light as good distractions from the ugliness of the others!
They actually fit in quite nicely don't they?
Searching for a design that would allow me to utilize these strange fabrics I remembered this Five Yard quilt pattern Leslie sent me and having already used it once I know it goes together fast and easily. This is now "kitted up " and ready to sew.
Then Angela, Modern Diary Blogspot, one of the Saturday group that meets here to sew, invited us all to join Cal's Spring Mystery that will be posted at Quilt Talk .
These are the fabrics the Mystery designer Cal has chosen for her version.
 A search through my stash revealed these fabrics that would suit my purpose. For me, the two greens are close enough to be treated as one color. Unfortunately the purple is only one yard and I will need almost another yard of something similar.
Quiltz had nothing close, necessitating a visit to 35th.Avenue Sew And Vac, where I found a fabric that is similar enough to make do.
The Mystery unfolds June 2nd. when the AZ. Huggy Bunch will meet here to unravel the clues!
Just when I was thinking I had a plan, BJ couldn't resist her own challenge to Andee and me- Andee already blogged about it here but I want to show you the "ugly fabrics" BJ has challenged us to use!
Taken separately these fabrics are not too bad but put them all together and what to do with them? Perhaps three separate projects? Help!  I may have to resort to more paper piecing.........


Linda said...

Your post today reminds me of a book I am reading - Stash Envy - and made me laugh! The author is Julia Boyer (I think that is right) and she is apparently a fabulous quilter, but her writing is just so funny! She talks about the "what was I thinking" fabrics in her collection...I can't wait to see what you make of these! I have done the alternating 4 patch several times - usually when I have too may small pieces and get bored with piecing them, or when the fabrics are not enough to complete an entire quilt. Mine are not always "matching"!

Heather said...

That is a nice pattern and it's going to work well with your 'uglies'.

Gari said...

Well, it looks like you have yourself several interesting projeccts to keep you busy. None of your fabrics looks ugly to me: I'll bet you never buy ugly fabric.

Andee said...

I like your mystery fabric choices! Kathy and I cut all our clues tonight too! Can't wait to see what you do for the ugly challenge too!

Coloradolady said...

Ros...those are the exact fabrics she sent to me!! That second one from the left, I have searched high and low for...I need about a 1/4 yard in my sewing challenge....I will keep looking, I really hate the piece I may purchase to be only 1/4 yard!!!

I have to day this....what I have done with these are really amazing...I truly love what I have on my design wall.....but I have a ways to go until I am finished.