Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Dad, 100 Years And Seven Months

May 18, 1911 - Dec.29, 2011
Requiescat in pace, Dad.
A well lived life.
Four children
Fourteen grandchildren
Twelve great grandchildren.

His beloved bride-1942

His firstborn

His first grandchild, his parents - and me.

At 90

Four generations in AZ.

100th. celebration.
Five descendants missing from the picture, three grandsons and two great grandsons.


Furball Farm Quilting said...

Oh Ros, I'm so sorry for your loss, Christmas will never be the same. I look at your pics, and thought what a handsome man he was!! Thinking of you during this difficult time.

Quiltbug said...

A big loss to your family but also a lot of memories of a life well lived and full of love

Pat said...

I'm sorry for your loss. How wonderful that he lived such a long life among such a loving family. I remember some pics you've had on your blog of events that were either for him or included him. May your many happy memories comfort you at this time.

Coloradolady said...

Ros, I am so sorry for your loss. It is so very hard to lose a family member, but I sat here and could not help but think of what a wonderful full life this man has lead! Praying for peace and comfort for your family today and in the days to come. How blessed to have had such a loving family and so many years with them!!

Lindah said...

Loved the photos, Ros. God's peace and grace to you.

Andee said...

Oh Ros...I am so glad you got to see him recently and he celebrated his 100 years on Earth. May he rest in peace, my thoughts are with you.

Jan said...

What a lovely tribute. Your dad had such a kind face. That is an incredibly long life, but I know that you will miss him. I'll bet he would have loved to see his photos on your blog.

farmlady said...

He must make you so proud. He looks like a good man... a happy family man. He sure raised a wonderful daughter.
This is hard to bare, but when someone leads a good life and is loved by others then the leaving is a bit easier.
This blog post is a wonderful way to say goodbye.

P. said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your dear dad. A well-lived life is a wonderful legacy. May you be comforted by the love of family and friends at this sad time.

Christa Atwood said...

What an amazing and inspirational man Grandfather was. He touched so many lives and left the world a better place, all because he was part of it. You are in my thoughts and my family is praying for you.

jojo said...

I am sure there is dancing in Heaven tonight at the return of your wonderful Father. God Bless you Ros during this difficult time, may your many wonderful blessings heal your broken heart. take care dear one.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Atwood;

This incredible man raised and fathered 4 children, 14 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren. And not one of them is in drug rehab or prison. He is the last of a great breed of men with infallible morals and undying determination. A part of me passed with him, but also a part of him passed into me. I love you Grandfather.

Roslyn said...

That's right son, he is half of me, as is your Granny, and I have that with me forever, just like I do Matt.

Miri said...

What a wonderful life and beautiful photos to document it.

Gramma 2 Many said...

Ros, I am sorry to be so late in sending my condolences. Please forgive me. I love your son's tribute to him. It is a great testimony to his moral character. I am also so glad you were able to go to Australia to visit him this year. A trip that will be always with you.
God Bless and keep you and the entire family as you travel this journey.

Lil Miss Red T-Shirt said...

So sorry for your loss. Looks like he had a long life full of cool experiences and loving family.