Saturday, January 7, 2012

AZ Huggy Bunch

BJ and Andee came to sew today, they both worked on Bonnie Hunter's Orca Bay Mystery.

BJ made a long string of these, I am not sure which clue they are....................

while Andee's box is filling up!

These are her boo boo blocks, needing to be un-sewn and re-sewn correctly. Andee you look way too happy to be anticipating the frogging of these blocks! There are always a few of these in Bonnie's mysteries it seems, there are so many tiny blocks with multiple tiny pieces it is very easy to be distracted!

Orca Bay is not on my schedule, too many other irons in the fire like the binding on this quilt, finally done!

Today I discovered that I needed a quilt for another baby boy, and remembered some blocks left from the last baby boy quilt. With some additions they sewed up fast and this will be cuddly comfort once it has a minkee backing quilted on.

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Andee said...

It was a fabulous day...I always enjoy time with you and BJ!