Saturday, December 10, 2011

AZ Huggy Bunch

BJ and Andee came to sew today, they brought food so we didn't have to eat out, that was nice! I did not prepare anything, I have had a full week, Matthew the usual two days and a few days out of commission while I had a minor procedure on my heart at Mayo hosp. I have atrial fibrillation and the meds weren't keeping it under control so they did a cardiac ablation via cardiac catheterization. As heart related ops go it's a cinch when all goes as planned as it did. Left me quite exhausted but today I am pretty much back to normal.
There was also the need to get Fritz's quilt done and off the LA so I could put the commission quilt on. Client would like an appraisal and my professional quilt appraiser is leaving town for a couple of weeks and 14th. is the last day she can do it. Karen Housner is the only appraiser in the Phx. area so there is a need to get this quilt done by Tuesday. Then there are a couple more I'd like to quilt before Christmas and at this rate I might even succeed!

BJ and Andee were both working on Orca Bay, the latest Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt. I quite forgot to get pics of BJ's progress and she is to send me a photo, but meantime these are Andee's blocks to date. I really like how this quilt is turning out in the different colorways and wish I were in a place to make one but my next quilt will most likely be the New Year's Eve Mystery that BJ and I do together.
I did work bit at my machine, making a few butterfly appliques for the commission quilt then working a little more at binding the Dresden Plate quilt.

DJ spent a good part of the afternoon trying to sleep off a migraine-she came in later to show off her new U of A sweater.

Thursday the box for the island came, it's hard to picture the finished product but the base is just over 7.5 ft. long and the granite that goes on top [ it will be here Tuesday] is 8.5 ft. long.
And the "Ta-Da"!

The wonderful chandelier that the wonderful DH installed today! I love it! DH says it is "ostentatious" but I still love it and wait till you see it with the granite island top; check back Tuesday!


Alycia said...

Glad you are recuperating quick - but holy cow - did you rest at all???

Jody said...

The chandelier is fabulous, dahling!!