Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Quilt Appraisal-Commission Quilt Finish

This morning I took the commission quilt to Karen Housner, professional quilt appraiser and historian. Karen also lectures and gives workshops. Click on her name for further information.

I often have special quilts appraised for insurance replacement value, quite different from retail value. No point in paying for more insurance than you need, if your purpose is simply to be able to pay for materials and labor to have a replacement constructed. Retail or market value is another thing entirely and requires a separate appraisal.
This does not take into account sentimental value which does not equate to $$$ and is unfortunately, quite irreplaceable!
Karen notes size, material type including fabric, batting and thread, as well as color, design, quilting design and whether appropiate to the overall quilt, quality of workmanship, backing, any labels and other pertinent information to help identify the quilt and its provenance.
This is custom quilted with McTavishing, feathers and other freehand motifs. It took me until 4 a.m to complete binding and other detail handwork so that I could get it to Karen Wednesday morning. Only three hours sleep so I need to catch up tonight! Maybe........
There are 3D applique butterflies hidden on the quilt........

The backing is toile; I "interviewed" several fabrics before settling on this one, that is not blatantly contrary to the front of the quilt and not too plain.

I am not sure if the quilt will be used as wall art or as a utility quilt so I have hand stitched a "sleeve" to the top of the back that can easily be removed if not needed.

So far these two labels have been attached but they will be joined by a personal label identifying the giver and recipient. A 5th. butterfly resides there too, just for fun [and Feng Shui,LOL]!


DeanO said...

This is awesome. I had no idea there was a quilting commission. Sentimental value. I run into "sentimental" value with every video I work on :) And - what a beautiful quilt - you are an artist
PS, did you know you can dial into your blogspot design and change the color of your links? Just an fyi :)

LynCC said...

If you ever ship a significant quilt, another thing to keep in mind is that without a professional appraisal, the post office will not reimburse more than a fair cost of the materials involved. So you may find a queen-sized quilt you made for your father is worth 2800.00, but if it were lost in the mail, you won't get more than *maybe* $200 from them, even if you guessed and insured the quilt for $1500.

Reddirt Woman said...

I love what you did with the butterflies... That really makes the quilt special, even more so than it already is, and your choice of the toile backing is perfect! You never cease to amaze me with your creativity!

Hugs and wonderful butterfly days!