Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday's Report!

Here are pics from before border........

and after border application.

This commission quilt is now ready to be quilted after I complete the quilt that is currently on the longarm machine. It has finished up at around 56x60" just about right for the client's request.

I did say I would be posting kitchen rehab progress, and below is the most recent addition, the lovely big new granite sink. It's huge and I love it.

DH wanted to give me a water source other than the one in the downstairs powder room, and as we haven't any counters yet [that's next week], he had to invent a solution. He is a very resourceful sort of chap, handy to have around!

See, no doors yet on the cabinets either, but you can tell that everything is nicely appointed under the sink. It was quite the challenge to fit it all in, but as I already stated, DH is resourceful.

Note my temporary faucet-the elegant new one can't be installed until the granite counters come in. More resourcefulness from DH!
Other than that there are just two glitches in the program; UPS lost the chandelier, they haven't a clue what happened to it, it arrived in Phx. over a week ago and whoosh, just like that it seems to have disappeared. The company has shipped another that is predicted to arrive next Wednesday if UPS can keep track of it!
The other irritation is that HD promised delivery of the French doors last week and now they tell us that it will be two more weeks from now! Sigh.
Does anything ever go totally smooth? We are probably blessed to have had only these two relatively minor issues. Could have been much worse.


DeanO said...

Two weeks on the French doors "sigh" That's the remodel game but hey - I love the quilt. Well done!

Heather said...

great choice of border on the quilt. brought the brightness up.

Reddirt Woman said...

You are an absolute marvel. That border just made everything pop. I know it's going to be well loved.

Hugs and thanks for sharing!

Alycia said...

That quilt is beautiful!!

Bj said...

Yes both quilts are amazing, I'm a lucky person that gets to see all of Roslyn's work in person. The sink which is truly amazing, all of us who have seen it, want one really bad ;)