Friday, December 23, 2011

A little more progress......

Christmas is almost here but my new kitchen isn't.........well it isn't all done. I do understand construction delays, and two weeks hold up for a completely gutted kitchen is probably neither here nor there in the whole scheme of things.
Today we did get some of the shelves and drawers so this evening I began to unpack boxes and replace some of the kitchenware, tomorrow I hope to organize a few more drawers in between some baking.
The fun thing I did yesterday was to make a new curtain for over the kitchen sink-I wanted a little privacy without forsaking the light-the window faces to the side so there is not much foot traffic but there is also no fence!
Searching for the thing I had in mind was getting me nowhere, so I had to switch gears and when I came across a single grey, semi- sheer drape with a self stripe, I thought I could make it work.

I cut off the strip with the rings and made a rod pocket along one side, purchased some blingy trim...........
and here is the new curtain! I am very happy with the result, the grey tones in nicely with the brushed nickel hardware and faucets.
David says next Wednesday he will have the doors, the trim and the balance of the drawers and shelves, and then there will be the grand "reveal".
It really is worth the little wait to have his expert carpentry skills creating beautiful furniture for the kitchen, it's worth waiting for the best!

JW and his little boy last night!

Too cute!


Pat said...

CUTE photos of the two "guys"...and love your new curtain, too. How do you get that look of snow falling down your blog page? I like it...subtle but very effective!

Andee said...

Seeing if my comment will work yet, I have been having better luck lately! Love the curtains and Little Matthew looks adorable!

DeanO said...

too cute indeed - I love the curtain; reminds me that I need one over our Kitchen sink. Merry Christmas and what a handsome set of boys!