Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Walk In The Woods

This afternoon we took a two hour hike down into the valley below our house, probably close to 1,000 ft. down in elevation to where a path winds around for a mile or so by the river.
Every bend in the river reveals a new view of the Master Gardener's landscaping.

He does magnificent work!

Someone has been helping the Master Gardener, there are places to sit, rustic benches made from logs, to rest on & meditate or to simply lose oneself in the beauty & the song of the river.
But of course what goes down must go up again so we had the long hike back up to the top of our mountain!

Nearly there!

The sun was setting, it was 5.30 pm. & as it filtered through the trees I could not resist one last photo, it was a beautiful day.
When we got back to the house I saw from the deck that we had more visitors.

These two handsome fellows!

This one came up closer I think he was hoping for a handout, he just stood & stared at me for several minutes but the Forest Rangers & Game Wardens will fine us, so sorry chaps, no freebies!


Ruby said...

Enjoyed your 'stroll'! :) Lovely photos.

farmlady said...

First of all..., if this is Colorado, I'm moving. I want out of this heat and scorched earth weather. I want lakes and streams with water in them. I want snow...

Secondly..., if that's you, which I'm sure it is, you look much younger than your "about me" photo at the top of your blog. You should switch pictures. You look relaxed, happy and in your element, with that cute dog and the beautiful scenery.I think I've just seen the "real" you Roz.

Reddirt Woman said...

I want to come and go for walks with you all! I'll carry your camera and bottled water for you both... and of course for the magnificent Button, too, although I'm sure she would be glad for a nice cool drink out of that beautiful stream. Oh and I'd be glad to be your watch person on your deck and alert you to any signs of wildlife so you could sew and know you wouldn't be missing any photo ops! And the Master Gardener seems to have particularly blessed your little corner of the world.


Sarah said...

I so enjoyed tagging along on your walk. What an amazing place in which to live. I'm envious! Thanks for sharing. ~ Sarah