Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thank you Ruby!

Some time back I had a "conversation" with a blogger friend Ruby about cigarette silks-those little squares of silk that were included in packets of cigarettes around WW1 I believe. I have a few from my Grandad, with different breeds of dogs on them but none of our dog's breed. Ruby had noticed that our four legged kid is an Australian Terrier & said she would send me one of her silks with an Aussie Terrier.
Today in the mail I got this adorable decorated box with a cigarette silk of an Aussie Terrier!
See how the embellishment makes this little treasure one of a kind & if you click on the pic you can see the details of the beautiful handwork, silk ribbon & embroidery.

The little dog depicted on the silk here is a male, our Aussie, Button, is a feisty but sweet little girl.See how Ruby used coordinating vintage buttons for the feet on the box.And here is the inside of the box, all padded & lined & decorated & she even sent me some vintage buttons!

Thank you Ruby !


jojo said...

Absolutely Beautiful!

Miri said...

Beautiful! What a wonderful gift!

Cheryl Willis said...

what a keepsake! cw

farmlady said...

This is just lovely...., and because I'm a crazy DOG lover I just love the dog silk in the middle.
Very interesting gift. What a nice thing for her to do.

Reddirt Woman said...

You are such a wonderful person...and that's why you make some of the most wonderful friends... and what a delightful little treasure that came your way out of forming these wonderful friendships. I have seen a number of the cigarette silks but I've never seen the dog series before now. How cool.

Obviously, I'm playing catch-up!