Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Success! A Flimsie.

Tada! What a great feeling to get another UFO to this stage, [only two more left] the quilting should be a breeze after the agony of the piecing. I saw a mistake as soon as I laid it out after attaching the final borders but I am not taking them off to fix it.
It was a PITA to make, but now it is ready to quilt. You will notice that I did complete the little musical note blocks , one for each corner, I guess I am glad that I did even though they took way more time than they deserved!

"Singing His Praises"[Sherry Moore] is a theme quilt, each block has a Bible reference & hymn, for example, the Crown of Thorns block is linked to "Crown Him With Many Crowns", [Words & music Matthew Bridges & George Elvey, 1852 & 1868.]
Originally I saw this BOM online & decided to make it & donate to the church for auction or raffle for ongoing building programs, hence my determination to finish it.
Now I can move onto more enticing projects.


Lindah said...

The blue and black sashings/borders really make it sing! Beautiful!

GARI said...

I am so proud of your completed top. I knew you could do it. Of course I looked for the mistake but couldn't see it so it must not be anything much.

Ruby said...

Ros, did you get my email? I need your mailing address.
You did a great job on finishing that quilt. Considering all the problems you had with the pattern/kit you deserve a reward for perseverance and patience!

Kim said...

Congrats on a job well done.....I do hope it makes some money for the church . You should set a minimium amount of money you expect before they do a drawing if its a raffle.
Any news about Lucas?

You are making me green with envy on all these finishes and a new grandson to boot!
You lucky dog!

Happy sewing

Anonymous said...