Sunday, September 13, 2009

D9P and a BOM!

Here's the sweet pink D9p for baby Jacqueline, the first Phoenix baby born on labor day so she actually made the news!

This quilt is wicked fast & fun to make.
Currently I am struggling onward with this much dreaded Block Of the Month, one of only three remaining UFO's I have to finish this year in order to begin 2010 with a clean slate.

"It's called Singing His Praises" by Sherry Moore.
The blocks are mostly paper pieced which I really don't mind if the directions, fabric allowances & cutting instructions were more dependable. A couple of the blocks have pieced sections because no matter how carefully I cut there just wasn't enough fabric. This pattern is not for the faint of heart & would be very difficult for an inexperienced quilter.
Here are my 12 completed blocks not yet sashed.
I doubt that I will ever make another BOM with fabrics included, this experience has quite turned me off them but since I am now down to the sashing & borders [also pieced] the end is in sight & I hope to get that part finished up tomorrow.

These are the corner blocks-the first one took me a couple of hours, partly because I had to dig through all the cut pieces at every step to find just the correct size for each section of the block. It is only a 5" block so if you double click on the pic. you will get a close up & be able to see that the pieces are often quite tiny. This is where PP helps to attain great accuracy in reproducing the design, the only other way would have been to applique & that would have been faster & easier. Hindsight, 20-20 right, but PP is what the pattern called for so I soldiered on! After the first one I was ready to quit & not use this part of the design, but this afternoon I was re-energized & tackled three more of the little devils!
With any luck I may have a flimsie to show tomorrow night!


Renate said...

What a beautiful Disapearing 9-patch- Quilt to welcome a new baby.
All my best wishes for Jaqueline.

GARI said...

I like to PP but only when I am using my own fabric. I like to have LOTS of fabric to make sure I am not running short. Good job!

Coloradolady said...

So pretty....Love the first one and all the pretty colors.

Anonymous said...

Lovely site and the quilts..well I am breathless.