Tuesday, September 22, 2009

VTT Glassware

I'm writing this a day early because I know that when I get home from quilting all day tomorrow with the Huggy Bunch I will be tired & not feeling up to making my VTT post. That's what happened last week & I missed out so if I don't want that to happen again I need to prepare ahead. Colorado Lady does such a great job of hosting VTT & I hate to let her down. You can follow a large group of bloggers with a wide selection of vintage items, some of which no doubt you will never have seen before.

I am really drawn to old glassware & when I saw these two canning jars at a flea market in Ouray[CO] I thought I could find a use for them. I keep nuts in them & they seal nicely. One is an Atlas & the other a ball jar.

A few years back I started a collection of glass insulators-I haven't progressed far but a couple of our neighbors have quite impressive collections & I had intended to take pics to include here but I kept forgetting to take my camera the past week on our daily walks so those will have to wait for another VTT.
These three are rather ordinary looking nothing remarkable about them at all.
This one is a light golden brown, it came from Australia, from my parents farm in Wauchope, NSW & I brought it back with me when we lived in TX at least 25 years ago. It is cracked but quite large & somewhat unique so it is a keeper as much for sentimental value.

This beautiful blue insulator is quite large also & it says "MADE IN USA".

Here is a smaller blue one, the patent date you can see is "MAY 21 1893".
This unusual looking wooden peg, threaded on one end, is how the insulators were attached to the poles.

Like so, then the pegs were screwed onto the poles through the two holes in the peg!
Now you can pop on over to Colorado Lady's blog & check out some other interesting memorabilia.


Jane said...

Very interesting detail about the insulators. I had never seen how they were attached to the poles. My FIL worked for the telephone company for years and years and i remember seeing several insulators in his basement. Nice visiting you!

jojo said...

I love the insulators. My hubs has a small collection of them but we have never figured out a good way to display them. Thanks for sharing and the info.. interesting.

marian said...

what a fun post!!..i love to collect insulators too..the blue ones are especially nice!!

Miri said...

I never understood what insulators were-just that they are really lovely to look at! Love the colors!

Ulla said...

These are beautiful! Most insulators I have seen were porcelain and not glass. Must keep my eyes open!

Coloradolady said...

Lovely glass today..my husband has a few of these, but I love the fact you have the wood peg to display with them, that is really neat...and you never let me down...I totally get how life gets in the way at times!! Take care and have a great weekend.

~~Carol~~ said...

Love all of your glass today, especially that brownish insulator. I've never seen one that color. I've got a bunch of insulators sitting on my porch railing, and I love how they catch the light. I like how you have one of the pegs that held the insulators too!
Happy VTT!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow I love your glassware. I've got a couple of old insulators that was given to me by my dh's aunt. They are such cool pieces. Happy VTT!


Postcardy said...

Thanks for showing the insulator on the pole. I never saw one on a pole before.

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

I have one insulator! Its clear, made in the US, not all that interesting but Im working on some colorful ones like you have!

PlantSomeRoots@Lakewood said...

My hubby used to collect insulators. I've never seen the peg before. Interesting.
Thanks for sharing!
Living it up at Lakewood,

Candace said...

I love the jars! And I remember living in Greeley in the early 70's and being able to find those insulators on the side of the road everywhere! I collected quite a few of them in those day!