Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Meat Pies & Sausage Rolls!

I think I have one more post in me on our Aus. visit then it's back to quilting!
Aussie bakeries are found in every little town, many towns have more than one. Hot Bread shops too are common & many these days are run by Vietnamese families, they are great bakers. In fact the delicious scones we had at the Fighter World Cafe were brought in from a Vietnamese bakery 20 kms. away.

Saxby's is the local bakery about a mile from my niece's home where I bought coffee on my morning walks. Another interesting point, many places that sell "take out" food have espresso machines, even the small country cafes & this one is no exception. Of course the terminology for the various coffee drinks is quite different, an Americano is a "long black", "flat white" is cappuccino without foam etc!

The ubiquitous & famous Aussie meat pie is a fixture in every bakery as are the sausage rolls & here is a nice selection of the various pie flavors available, curried chicken, steak & kidney, vegetarian, potato etc.

Pastries too are wonderful & different from those we know in USA. Here you see a selection, Nenish & passionfruit tarts, vanilla, apple & coconut slices, cream buns, tea cakes and so on.

And if that isn't enough add in cream sponges, apple & pineapple pies & turnovers [with or without cream!] eclairs etc.
Did you just gain ten pounds?!

Well here's calorie -free food for the mind provided by the local Port Stephens Mobile Library!

And more brain food, the local Primary [elementary] school, don't you wish you went to school in this setting?

When in Aus. I always stock up on the things I can't get in USA. Above is a view of a few of those items. When I had to detail the food products in my luggage the US customs officer found my list quite amusing- Vegemite, Jam, Golden Syrup, Passionfruit, Pavlova mixes, chocolates, Billy Tea, four beers & a bottle of wine!
But unfortunately no meat pies or sausage rolls!


Reddirt Woman said...

I had to clean the drool off the keyboard after your bakery photos... When I was growing up there was a bakery just about three blocks from our home. They made the best pastries. I miss all the family owned bakeries. You just don't seem to see them much anymore.

Thanks for the pastry photos... I think.


Aussie in the USA said...

Hi there...stumbled across your blog today after blogging about making meat pies in the USA. I miss Bakers Delight Bread the most. Cheers! :)