Sunday, May 24, 2009


Australia has a wide & varied assortment of the parrot family, loud, raucous & brilliantly colored I think they have the most gorgeous exotic plumes of all birds.
I'd like you to meet Lily, the Scaly-breasted Lorikeet.
Above is how Lily should look, but Lily suffers from a fatal & untreatable illness called Beak and Feather disease. It is airborne & highly contagious & affects many of the parrot species, including the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo.
Here are a couple interesting PBS youtube videos on these fascinating birds & their survival in even the harsh climate areas of Australia.

My soft- hearted niece rescued Lily years ago from the middle of the road when she was just a normal-looking fledgling who had been evicted from the nest. It wasn't until sometime later when Lily began to lose her feathers that the vet diagnosed Lily's disease. In the wild Lily would have perished as a fledgling but she lives happily in a large screened -in porch in the lush Hunter Valley region of New South Wales. These parrots have a normal life -span of around 15 years.

By day Lily enjoys the surrounding bush & the sounds of all the local avians outside her safe perch & at night she comes indoors. Lily is fed a diet of fresh fruit & veges daily & a mush that is mixed up for her nightly. She is sweet,vocal & happy & very attached to her rescuer.
I find it simply amazing that this little creature has survived so long, she has beaten all the odds thanks to the careful attentions of my niece. Incidentally, no one is sure if Lily is actually "Lily" or perhaps "Lawrence", both genders of these birds appear the same.
The good news is that Australian researchers have been testing vaccines & they hope to be able to release into the wild, birds who have been treated & are now immune from this deadly disease.

On one of my daily walks in this beautiful area I came across these characters- they reminded me of Farmlady & her goats & these two were talking to me so of course I talked back & they came right up to the fence to say hello so I had to take their picture!

I suspect that the black & white one is "with child", she had an awfully fat tummy-either that or she had eaten a very large something- or- other, as goats are prone to do!


Pat said...

Your niece is a special person to give such loving care to this bird and I hope that Lily can continue to beat the odds for many more years.

Ruby said...

To be able to see the beautiful creature she should be in Lily marks your niece as truly beautiful! Did I phrase that right??? I am not a bird fan but don't parrots have a long lifespan? And does Lily use a mirror?

Love the goats. They are friendly folk! Ruby

Anonymous said...

oh I bet Lily brings joy and look at those goats such characters they are.
you live in such a lovely place!!
Your quilts are so amazing, I am a bit mathmatically challanged so I tend to be the crazy type quilter, if that really.
Your Grand kids are lovely and Baby Mathew, well give him a big hug and kisses all over his baby feet from me.

Miri said...

Loving your pictures from Australia! The beaches are beautiful and the wildlife wonderful (even if featherless and great whites)!

Dena said...

I enjoy looking at your pictures of Australia. One of my sisters lived in Brisbane for a few years and she would send me some of the most beautiful pictures of the fauna and wildlife.

We have two goats that my husband affectionately refer to as his weed eaters. Most people don't realize how sociable goats are. Ours talk to us all the time and the grandkids love to play with them. We lost our third goat about six months ago. He was a larger breed and once in a while he would get loose to roam our property. This was fine until he decided to climb ontop of my husband's antique cars.

Thank you for sharing your adventures.

Susan said...

Say thanks to your niece from a parrot-lover for the work she does with Lily. She looks like a sweetie, even without her plumage! Thanks for the pix, Ros.