Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Beach

The nearest beach to our base.

It's called Birubi Point, I'm guessing an Aboriginal word.

SLSC stands for "Surf Life Saving Club". The white haired guy is my DH, not an SLSC member, lol!

One day I saw a Great White shark out just beyond the last breaker, it was maybe 3 meters[9ft.] long so not a small one. The reason I know it was a Great White is that I chatted with another guy, a regular on the beach & he told me so & added that just before we came the Surf Life Saving team was practicing & were driven from the water by three Great Whites! Yikes!

That same day I saw some windsurfers & snapped a few pics, they looked as if they were having so much fun!
I talked with one of these fellows & asked him about the sharks -his words "oh yeah, the whole area is riddled with Great Whites, you just have to keep your eyes open"! That & stay upright I'd add, and in my case not going any deeper than my knees!

I took a video clip with my camera & posted it below.

It was very, very windy & I sort of staggered as I walked, you can hear & see what I mean.

One other time I snapped a photo of this man working his horse in a "gig", that's what they call the sulky the trotters & pacers race in. We saw him here nearly every day, lucky horses!


Pat said...

I'm with you.....not going in above my knees in shark-infested waters. In fact, I might not go in AT ALL. The area looks lovely, though.

Ruby said...

Lovely area, when I was younger I always wanted to ride in the surf with my horse! It's good for their legs. I don't get much beach time. Thanks for sharing such a lovely location, Ruby