Saturday, May 2, 2009


I hiked North Mountain with Button this morning, I took the paved trail while DH & DS went up the back from the Armory & we met at the top. I won't hike rough trails, too much risk of falling & damaging yet another joint! I plan to go two to three times a week now to get my cardio up.

Then I worked in my little garden for an hour or so, pulling the few weeds & using the blower to gather up the leaves & debris the winds blew in the past month. Then some fertilizer & it's looking neater though I need to add a few more annuals to replace those that haven't survived the winter. I do love my little suburban garden & it is shaping up since DH did the pavers- it is just right size for me to handle & the pavers keep it so much cleaner.
I think I'll do away with the Cloud Sage bushes-they either look woody for months after I cut them back or they grow out of control & shaggy & I get tired of trimming them every month. I want to get some more roses so that would be a good replacement idea. The two I bought last year a fragrant red Mr. Lincoln [red for love] & a prolific bloomer yellow Sunny Delite[for remembrance] are coming along nicely with the warmer weather. The Hibiscus are flowering up all three of them & adding some color around the yard.

The healthy Gardenia is covered in buds too many to count & they are beginning to open so I can smell their fragrance from the back door. I hope it is still blooming when we get back from Australia the third week in May, I think it should be. The one I had in Australia bloomed for 5 or 6 months but it wasn't as hot in Sydney as it is in Phoenix. I need to find a larger pot for it, but I will wait till after the blooming time so as not to retard it.
Beside it is a little Hydrangea that I purchased at Trader Joe's last year because it was a magnificent color & reminded me of the huge hydrangea bushes around my Grandmother's house in Australia. This little one barely made it through the winter with about three leaves in the shelter of the patio, but now it is returning to fullness & has I think 4 flower heads forming. I hope that it too waits until my return! That's another plant that needs repotting.

Then we made a visit to the wee man, though he won't be so wee for too long I suspect if he takes after his Daddy at all, over 6ft.4". Baby Matthew gained a pound the last week, now at 3 weeks he is 9 lbs. & just over 22". Grandfather woke him up & he fussed but then I had him & he settled down after a couple of good burps! What a darling little chap.
Finally on the quilting front I got another UFO quilted & ready for binding tomorrow afternoon.


Colleen said...

Have you tired Salvia Gregii Pink? I am in Arizona too. They are my favorite bush. They are very fragrant and have flowers from spring until frost. I cut them back in winter and they come back on tender branches the next year. Just a thought.

Amy said...

He is so Handsome.grammies always settle them down. have a great day,Amy

farmlady said...

Your garden is just beautiful! I have an Abe Lincoln Rose too..., oh the fragrance of that rose. Everything looks lovely and that backyard is very nice.
That Matthew is as cute as a bug's ear. I'll bet you just want to take him home with you all the time.