Monday, May 4, 2009

All I Can Say Is Wow!

Two posts in one day is more than my usual, but I received two beautiful gifts today that I cannot wait to show.

This from Barbara Jean Simmons in Eugene Oregon, a beautiful "nest" with three tiny eggs - now to find a special place for it. Perhaps the guest room that is feminine-or no, maybe my sewing studio more feminine still & I would see it all the, better still the little powder room right off the entry where guests can enjoy it too! Thank you Barb it is indeed a treasure. Barb has a wealth of tiny to larger treasures, lots of "shabby chic", vintage, & dainty gifts galore.

The other is this lovely quilt top that makes me think of Provence. It is from the very creative & prolific quilter Linda Miller & if you have not seen her website you will be simply amazed at her productivity. Linda has an absolute plethora of quilt tops & her fabric & design choices cover the whole spectrum and her piecing is perfection on her trusty old Singer sewing machine! I am so excited to have this top to quilt, thank you Linda for your generous gift. It even came with the matching red binding. I will think about the quilting design while I am on holiday.

This afternoon I drove all the way to Chandler[that's quite a haul from our home in Nth. Central Phx] to Zoe's Trunk Quilt Shop. I was taking two quilts to Karen Housner for appraisal. Karen I have mentioned before & highly recommend as a quilt Historian & member of PAAQT.
If you have never had a quilt appraised it is a worth-while process for special quilts, you will be amazed at the insurance replacement value. I am carrying 4 quilts to Aus. with me & these two will not be flying with me in the passenger compartment so I thought it wise to get appraisals for that unmentionable awful possibility ! Qualified Quilt appraisers must study for years & are thoroughly tested before being certified by the American Quilter's Society. They are veritable goldmines of information.
I am very pleased that I did this, it is better to have it & never need it & so far that has worked for me!

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Barb said...

Glad the nest finally got there. It took a long time seems like. I know wherever you decide to put will be great.

Love the quilts, especially the one in the post before this one.
My colors!

blessings on your day,
barbara jean