Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

Made myself go to home Depot today, just needed a couple of little things to finish a job I started Tuesday night, painting the front door and trim which had faded to a funky mauve. It faces west and gets a heavy dose of sun. I painted it first with a brush because I didn't like the roller finish, so I bought a tiny foam roller to do a second coat. It's done, but still tacky to touch and I am pleased with the fresh painted look, Garnet Evening is the color.It was Valentine's day and I bought my Valentine dark chocolate with cranberries[ he bought me red roses] and I put a note on the card" place out of Button's reach" after our $660 Christmas Day Vet bill! The chocolate is in the fridge and Walt says if Button learns to open that we are in BIG trouble, LOL. I pinned Katies latest quilt on the longarm and began to quilt it with an overall butterfly, leaf, flower meander. I should get it finished for her tomorrow.My Oriental Sudoku is done, no label because it doesn't yet have a home though there are many people who love it and would no doubt give it a home! I like it a lot myself but I just can't keep all the quilts I make or I would be like my friend's Mum who had about 6 quilts on every bed!We are one week into Lent and as promised I am reporting on my Lenten discipline, reading "The First Fruits Of Prayer". So far I have read every night-the intro was 39 pages long so that took me three nights to read. I am on Chapter 7 tonight.

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