Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ash Wednesday

Here it is, Lent again & I may not sound too entusiastic. I have never been sure why Lent seems so dark to me & I am always thankful when Easter Day dawns & I can put Lent behind me for another year. This being a penintential season I really should NEVER put Lent behind me because I always have much of which to repent!
A certain young woman [of a non liturgical Christian denomination] once asked one of my sons "What is Lent"! He replied dryly something to the effect that "It's the white stuff that gets on your laundry when you wash the darks with the towels"!
Here's the Wikipedia definition which sounds reasonably accurate to me.
Last year I ordered a book from an Orthodox Christian writer, Frederica Mathewes Green , "The First Fruits Of Prayer: A Forty-Day Journey Through The Canon Of St. Andrew", with every good intention of studying it during the Lenten season. Well, as we all know the road to hell is paved with good intentions, & intention is all that occurred last Lent. Now, here I am again & once again God is calling me to the observance of a Holy Lent & I will take out Frederica's book tonight & begin & we shall see what we shall see!
I did go to Mass this evening with my friend J, & I still bear the cross of ashes on my forehead till bedtime-"Dust you are oh man[woman] and to dust you shall return", soI have begun & I will report on my progress- or lack thereof!
No work on the stoles today though I did finish the HOB quilt that is on my longarm machine. Tomorrow I plan to finish off the stoles & with any time left to tackle one of my WIPS or UFO's.
I began the task of burying all the threads on the sudoku quilt while I was at the hairdresser today-burying threads, not my favorite part of the quilting process & there are scads of said threads on this quilt.

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