Friday, February 8, 2008

February 8th.

Today didn't turn out exactly as planned, funny how that happens. A friend needed some care so I rescheduled the quilting class for next Tuesday, & sat with my friend & sewed the beads on the second stole.
I am pleased with these & they are done & ready for presentation Sunday. Tonight we met Bishop Augustin & his wife Virginie at a dinner for some of the leadership of LFAC, they speak French & a Rwandan dialect & some English -our visitors are warm & gracious people.
Tomorrow is the monthly "Craft & Chat" at LFAC & I plan to work on my Sudoku quilt, perhaps I can even get it finished- it's really a WIP, my oriental S & S is really a UFO!
I should count up my WIPs & UFO's, not sure why I haven't, partly because I have only just identified the difference between a WIP[Work In Progress] as opposed to a UFO[Un-Finished Object, meaning it has been semi -abandoned for some indeterminate time!] But also I suspect I am a little afraid to see the results, LOL.
Hope I have time tomorrow to continue the search for a new camera although I think I may have settled on the Canon Supershot 870, it seems to suit my needs best & has a good record.

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Sew Prim Khris said...

You have done a lovely job on these Roslyn...hugs Khris