Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More on quilting

On the weekend I put a QOV from one of the CO. guild members on the LA & did a simple very fast panto on it.It isn't the RW&B of many of the QOV's but one of our wounded warriors will be very pleased with it anyway. Tonight I pinned on a UFO I made last Fall, because of the very bright oranges & pinks in it I am quilting freehand flames all over & it's almost finished, probably only 15 minutes or so more to "get 'er done"!
Next my CC mystery quilt goes on & I decided to do a simple panto on it also, haven't yet decided on thread color, but probably a soft white will be the best. I think I might have enough of the stop border fabric to do the piping on the binding. I may need more of the border fabric, I think I forgot to calculate that into my purchase. Darn it, that means a trip over to the fabric shop, LOL!

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Alycia said...

I think that QOV has some Zing to it! Wonderful colors! I like your CC mystery too. The colors are very peaceful! Show us a pic of the quilt bound with your new technique....