Sunday, January 5, 2014

Frigid Boston And a Little More Mystery!

 3rd. January and it's cold.
 Lots of snow…………..
 digging out………..
 nephew on the snowblower.
It got colder, three degrees is very cold, especially with a bit of a breeze to lower the wind chill factor to……well even colder, but further north in other states it was worse, Vermont for example.
Little Button was not keen to put her dainty paws on the frozen snow, and did her duty fast then raced for the door to return to the lovely seventy three degrees indoors and her cosy perch on the couch where a ray of sunshine struggled through.
In between all the family distractions I have made pieced borders for the NYE mystery quilt, it is ready to be quilted when I return to AZ and my longarm. I had removed my pin supply that normally reside in my quilt travel bag, so have been managing with only two pins to construct this quilt, quite a feat I think and a testament to the importance of pressing seams in the correct direction so they nestle neatly and finish with nicely matching seams!
The corners don't match so I will frog two of them to make all four the same.
The quilt turned out very bright and sunny, in direct contrast to the New England weather these past days, and currently it has no home- perhaps it would be best for a younger person, they tend to enjoy brighter colors, young grt. niece loves it.
Wanting to continue with the Celtic Solstice mystery I made the trek to Joann's and purchased another Easy Angle ruler [40% off helps] and will be working on Clue 5 this week. Final construction must wait until I return home and have access to the other clues already completed, but here's how it will look, gorgeous isn't it?
Thanks Bonnie for another great quilt mystery.


Andee said...

Nice border on the NYE! It does add to it! Stay warm!

farmlady said...

Oh my gosh. That is WINTER! I'd kind of like to be there... for a while. But I'm still hiking on the property and sitting on a sunny porch. It's scary nice here. That's California for you. We need rain badly. Very dry winter.
Stay in and stay safe.
(Love your header photo.)