Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Visitor!

DH has exchanged the hummingbird feeder for a seed feeder.
We hadn't seen any hummers for about a week so we think they have moved on. The past week has been rather chilly up here at 9,000 ft. so no doubt our tiniest feathered visitors have fled the alpine regions in favor of warmer climes.

This afternoon this little chap was hanging out & busily gobbling up a free meal! I believe he is a red headed woodpecker, a very handsome little bird.
We have lots of Sterling Blue Jays & although they also are handsome birds [they look a little evil to me] they are very mean & bossy & chase off all the other birds. They do not even "play nice" with their own kind & that to me is a very bad thing! I knock on the window & yell at them when I see them but there are too many of them & they are so greedy & persistent that it could be a full time job.

In the quilting arena I have been working on another UFO, one of the last two or three that I hope to finish this year.
I bought the pattern & some of the fabric while we were visiting son Matthew in Hawaii in 2005. I love the borders I think they really set off the center, the orange & green triangles & then those cheeky little turtles make a great final border- I have enough of the turtle fabric to bind it also.
There are actually five borders to this quilt, & although I am partial to the look of pieced borders they are not always fun to make, takes much more fussing around with measuring & fitting all the pieces together.
I cut out the turtles some time back but never got any further for lack of supplies & as you will see two of the turtles are lacking some appendages due to to a continuing need for a certain product! I plan to rectify that when we go into town for church tomorrow, then I will be able to machine applique the turtles & this UFO will be ready to quilt when we return to AZ in a few weeks and it will be one more off the list.


farmlady said...

Isn't this pretty. Love the three turtles and that you used the fabric and pattern you bought in 2005 when visiting your son. I think this is a another step toward acceptance and healing sweetie. I think you are amazing.

Gramma 2 Many said...

Very cute quilt. The colors are fun for sure.
I answered your e-mail. Did you receive it? I was beginning to wonder where you were because I had not heard from you personally for a while. If I am having problems getting my mail through that addy,I also have an AOL one I use rarely. We may have to resort to using it.

GARI said...

You know, it is very hard to swim without flippers. And I really do understand about the fiddlyness of pieced borders. But that is a really cute quilt. How big is it?